Rent a Jaundice Meter for Newborns (Deposit)

Rent a Jaundice Meter for Newborns (Deposit)

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Neonatal jaundice is a frequent illness among newborn babies and has always been a concern for parents and healthcare professionals. If left undetected and untreated, Jaundice can have severe consequences for the child, so early detection is vital.

SHERO product’s transcutaneous jaundice meter provides quick, non-invasive and reliable jaundice screening for babies.

  • Convenience: portable and light-weight meter offers a quick and easy method for dynamic and ongoing assessment to identify abnormal bilirubin levels.
  • Quick & Accuracy: our meter has advanced optical design and can deliver dependable results in seconds rather than hours
  • Non-invasiveness: this transcutaneous is non-invasive and doesn’t need any blood sample drawn from the newborns.

*Price is for DEPOSIT only, rental price $15 per day.

Please contact customer service: for more details. Deposit will be returned to you after the rental device is returned to us.